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LinkedIn is a valuable resource for careers, businesses and professionals to network, receive resources and support and develop relationships with potential customers, customers and partners. It is ideal for homeowners, freelancers and long-distance commuters as it helps them build their business and careers while staying connected to the outside world.
LinkedIn enables members, employees and employers to create profiles and connect via an online social network representing professional relationships in the real world. Members can invite existing members but do not have to click.
By 2015, LinkedIn has more than 400 million members in over 200 countries and territories. Unlike most social networks, LinkedIn is a professional networking website that helps people connect, share their experiences and CVs, and find work.

LinkedIn is a social network for the business world. It is based on the principle of connecting with friends, in this case, LinkedIn connections, by posting updates, sharing content and liking other users and engaging in instant messaging. Due to its professional orientation, LinkedIn resembles social networks such as Facebook.

The goal of LinkedIn is to enable registered members to build a documented network of people they know and trust. The basic functionality of LinkedIn allows users to create profiles for employees that consist of CVs describing their work experience, educational and training skills and personal photos. The profile pages of LinkedIn members highlight skills, employment history, training and professional network news feeds, and a limited number of customizable modules.
The site allows members to connect via online social networks that represent professional relationships in the real world. Users can find jobs, people and business opportunities by recommending each other and contacting networks. Sharing a group with another LinkedIn user is one way to invite others to your network.

It is where you can share your expertise and build the trust and relationship needed to cultivate new customers and clients. Learn how to use LinkedIn to maximize what it has to offer, make strong professional connections and boost your online reputation faster than most other social networks.

These are just a few of the main features you’ll notice when you join LinkedIn and register for a basic account, but you can delve into more specific details and options to explore the platform itself. You can chat in private messages, provide available contact information for you, and your professional experience and achievements are presented and organized in a profile displayed to other users. Suppose you are interested in using LinkedIn for business services. In that case, a premium account can be upgraded to allow users to post jobs, use talent solutions that advertise on LinkedIn and expand your sales strategy to social selling.
In 2005, LinkedIn launched a service that enabled companies to publish job ads and search the network for potential employees. In addition, LinkedIn allows companies to advertise on the platform. Now that you know what LinkedIn has to offer and what kind of people use it, it doesn’t give you any concrete ideas on using LinkedIn yourself.

This year, LinkedIn has more than 15 million members, and in 2011 it had more than 100 million members. LinkedIn is the most trusted social network in the US. To put these figures into context, Instagram has over 1 billion users and Facebook 2.74 billion.
While the US is LinkedIn’s largest market with 174M users, the platform is gaining traction globally. LinkedIn is not the largest social network, but its audience’s specific business focus is remarkable. The LinkedIn home page will seem familiar to anyone who has used social media sites like Facebook for a similar purpose.
The summary of your LinkedIn profile is part of the introduction card at the top of your profile and includes your name, photo, headline, current training and contact information. This information is located above the fold on both the desktop and the phone, which means that it is one of the first items visible on your profile, so you don’t have to scroll down to find it. If you have a LinkedIn account, it is much more polished than the actual resume, and you can expect professional connections and recruiters to look it up.

Writing a great LinkedIn profile from top to bottom is the easiest way to distinguish yourself from the half a billion other users of LinkedIn. When most of the users visit your profile for the first time, they see the first 300 characters of the LinkedIn profile summary and then click on “Read More” to open the full description. The profile summary gives you 300 to 350 words to strengthen your profile by adding personality, tweaking your search terms, telling your career story and inspiring readers to act.

LinkedIn is a social networking platform where you can create a personal profile that tells your professional history and details work experience, the courses you have attended, projects you have worked and publications you have written. Connect with other users, gain support and build up your professional network. You will also find news and updates about your connections, your groups and your company.
Building connections with LinkedIn and staying at the top of your network is key to success. It doesn’t take much time to do well on LinkedIn, as the pace is slower than on Facebook or Twitter.

When users update their LinkedIn profiles to express their current position or change status as unemployed, LinkedIn will be happy to use a mass email congratulating your contacts on your new position, even if it is the same position or no position at all. In 2013, many LinkedIn members were alarmed when they discovered that LinkedIn was using their imported email contact lists to send invitations for their origin usernames to join the site. According to Business Insider, a California district court determined that LinkedIn did not violate its terms of service with the original introductory email. Still, the company took advantage of the two follow-up emails by sending two outbound emails.

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